Neurobics – Brain and Body Fitness

Neurobics – Brain and Body Fitness

  • Overview 0/1

    In this course you will learn about Neurobics: the new science of brain excercise.

  • What's going on inside the brain? 0/4

    In this section you'll get a thorough understanding of how the brain works.

  • What is Neurobics? 0/3

    In this section you'll learn what Neurobics is and learn how to exercise your brain in fun ways.

Introduction to Neurobics – Brain and Body Fitness

Sleep rejuvenates us, but it importance goes way beyond boosting your mood or banishing under eye-circles. Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and reduce stress, benefit your heart, weight mind and so much more. Getting adequate rest is important in maintaining a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Unfortunately, in this fast-paced world it can often be difficult to maintain a regular sleep schedule. Many work full time and have families, leaving very little time to devote to themselves. Getting enough sleep should be a priority as it offers the ability to function more efficiently on a daily basis. Sleep is perhaps one of the most loved and hated activities on earth. On the one hand it takes up a lot of our time, makes us less productive, and can preoccupy our thoughts if something disrupts it. On the other hand, sleep is nourishing to the entire body and it is also absolutely necessary.

Learning how to get sleep, even in the face of anxiety, depression and stress is a critical component of any strategy aimed at recharging your emotional battery and living a less anxious life. The Dali Lama once said that “sleep is the best meditation” and as most of us know meditation can help reduce or in some cases even eliminate our emotional and spiritual difficulties. So what is it about sleep that helps and what exactly can you do to get better, easier, healing sleep?

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